The Climate Collage

42 cards to understand climate change

The Workshop

1 – Reasoning

Participants discover the game’s cards, they think together to link the cards with each other and thus highlight the causes and consequences of climate change.

2 – Creativity

After identifying the causes, mechanisms and consequences, the participants trace the links and illustrate the Collage.

3 – Discussion

After this common diagnosis, time for discussion. The aim? To share feelings and reflect on collective solutions, in order to propel action.

COVID-19 – Climate Collage also exists online! 

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Become a facilitator

The Climate Collage has proved its worth to the general public and to higher education, but also administrations and companies.

After participating in a workshop, become a facilitator to disseminate this knowledge
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Since its creation in November 2018, the association has been breaking growth records. In the public, private and professional spheres, our objective is to disseminate as quickly as possible a common knowledge of climate issues.

International coordinators

Climate Education Kick-off

The Higher education is mobilising!

Hundreds of institutions are committed to deploying this common scientific culture. 50,000 students on board since September. A turnkey device, join the movement!


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