We believe that developing knowledge and awareness of climate issues for all is an essential first step: it is difficult to take action without understanding the problem.

Supporting your employees in this regard and developing common knowledge internally allows the whole company to move, develop innovations, attract new talent and better respond to the major challenges of our century.

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The Climate Collage Workshop

Using a set of 42 cards created from the IPCC reports (world scientific reference), your collaborators will find the causes and consequences of climate change. It develops the knowledge of your teams, and their ability to share opinions and discuss.


Discover and connect 42 cards to build your collage.

Someone drawing


Step back and take ownership of the collage by adding illustrations.

Group of People


A mindful discussion on participants' feelings, positions, questions and solutions.

It lasts 3 hours and it cannot be done in a shorter time. Climate change is an eminently complex system and it takes some time to understand its mechanisms.

An offer adapted to your needs

Our workshops are accessible to all organizations, companies (VSEs, SMEs / SMIs, large groups, etc.) and for all audiences. There are different ways how to run the workshops among your collaborators:

Try it

Online or in person, the Climate Collage workshops and Facilitator trainings organized by the Association are open to businesses. With citizens and led by volunteers, this is the opportunity for you to test this tool and train employees to run the workshop.


  • Workshop: 30 € HT
  • Facilitator training: 100 € HT

The association provides an invoice for these services. You can buy group ickets to use them according to your availability. Please write to

Request an intervention

To engage your company in the transition, to draft your impact roadmaps and strengthen the knowledge of your teams, ask for a one-off intervention or long-term support from an experienced facilitator.


The prices will be established according to your needs.

You will be put in touch with a professional private facilitator who will answer your request. Part of the service is paid to the Association by the facilitator as user fees.

Deploy independently

If the Climate Collage is used within an organization*, without the intervention of an external facilitator remunerated as such, the user fees are 3 € HT per participant.


An employee of your company has been trained as a facilitator and runs workshops for 200 colleagues. The company must pay user fees to the Association as follows: 200 × 3 € HT = 600 € HT + VAT if appropriate.

* The organization can be a company, public authorities, associations, unions, NGOs, and any other type of non-profit group, for use by their staff. It is expressly forbidden to reproduce the materials of La Fresque du Climat / the Climate Collage by removing references to the website or to the author, or by adding a logo or the name of another organization.

Can we help?

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