Climate Collage on the Road to COP26.

Our Project is ambitious....

But simple:

We want to position
The Climate Collage
as a global referent for climate education

That is why in November, our Climate Education Activists will be part of the COP26 in Glasgow!

We plan to:

Co-organise the Glasgow Climate Education Summit

Facilitate quizzes & workshops all over Scotland

Promote the Climate Education Kick-Off

Take an active role in the COY16

Be present in both the Blue and the Green zones

You can read our

Expression of Interest

submitted to the United Kingdom Government here

PDF (File size: 3mb)

This is not our first time!

To organize the Climate Collage presence in COP26, we have capitalized on the results of our COP25 participation and adapted our ambition to the Climate Collage exponential growth within the last months. As a matter of fact, the Climate Collage was at the COP25 in Madrid, where we organized a conference on the theme “How to scale up climate education and training at a global level”. The conference gathered 13 speakers, from the IPCC, ECOS, UNEP, UNFCCC and Climate Reality Leaders. It also co-organised and sponsored the COY15 and financed the ECOS booth within the Blue Zone.

Climate Collage at the COP 25, in a nutshell:

Climate Collage Workshops
Participants gathered
Climate Collage Quizzes within Madrid
New Facilitators trained
Dr  Valerie Masson-Delmotte, climate scientist, Co-chair of the IPCC WG I

Dr Valerie Masson-Delmotte, climate scientist, Co-chair of the IPCC WG I

“The Climate Collage is an innovative, participatory and accessible approach to understand the scientific basis of climate change. This exchange of knowledge is a key first step for everyone to choose how to act effectively, in line with the issues at stake.”