EARTH DAY | Climate Collage Online Workshop (facilitated from Aotearoa NZ)

21 April 2021 @ 21 h 30 min – 22 April 2021 @ 0 h 30 min
Pete Bernhardt

***For Earth Day 2021, we are holding Climate Collage Workshops across many countries for our ’24 hours around the world’ initiative. Sign up now to be in the FIRST workshop globally to kick things off…***


« The Climate Collage » is a workshop developed in France, that aims to raise awareness and understanding among people around the world about climate change.

Based on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, the workshop explains how the climate functions and the consequences of disrupting it. The collaborative workshop gives participants the opportunity to learn a lot in a very short period of time, regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert.

How it works:

The workshop is based on a 42-card game. Each card represents an element, a cause or a consequence of climate change.

As a team, guided by your facilitator, you are to find the cause-effect relationship between the different components of climate change. The collective intelligence of your team will get you from one set of cards to the next!

This step-by-step creation of the ‘collage’ provides keys to understand the complexity and develop an overview of climate change.

The workshop structure:

  1. A Brief History Of “The Climate Collage “
  2. Icebreaker
  3. Creation of the Climate Collage guided by your facilitator
  4. Short break
  5. Creative phase
  6. Debrief + time to share, express thoughts and feelings
  7. Potential actions + solutions

REMEMBER: The workshop takes place online, a good internet connection is necessary.

Practical information:

The workshop works best on a computer with a mouse.

Make sure to have Zoom video conferencing software installed, which will be the primary communication platform for the workshop.

You will receive an email with all the technical information you need, including the link to join the meeting prior to the workshop starting.

This workshop will be run in English by Pete Bernhardt – a facilitator from Aotearoa New Zealand. If you have any questions about this workshop or would like to organise another workshop (either online or in-person in NZ) please get in touch via email:

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Please take your ticket only if you are sure that you can make it!