Purpose and history

The organisation ‘The Climate Collage’ was created for the purpose of increasing the reach of the game through communication and development actions. We do that by:

  • Taking the Climate Collage to large scale events to educate as many people as possible (e.g. music festivals, professional meetings, conferences, etc.)
  • Producing material to simplify the use of the game by all facilitators and help them work in full autonomy
  • Organising the community of facilitators and active members of the organisation

Download the legal statutes (FR)

About the author of the Climate Collage

Cédric Ringenbach is a French engineer with fifteen years’ experience in IT project management (and a small detour in wine-tasting). In 2008, he started reading the IPCC reports and switched careers to try and make a difference in the fight against climate change. From 2010 to 2016, he was the director of The Shift Project, a think tank co-founded by Jean-Marc Jancovici dedicated to the transition to a zero carbon emission economy. He joined the Climate Reality Leaders led by Al Gore in 2013 in Istanbul. He created the Climate Collage based on the IPCC reports in 2015. Today he is an expert on energy and climate issues and speaks in many conferences and universities (Sup’aéro, Ecoles centrales, Sciences Po, Beihang University…) and part of the board of the permaculture university in France.