Governance: how do we make decisions?

The Climate Collage is a decentralised organisation, based on universal participation and autonomy. Here are our key governance principles:

    • do-ocracy: all members of the organisation are free to launch and conduct projects; everyone is entitled to do things. Those who do are those who decide, and inversely. Everyone should respect others’ projects; and everyone is welcome to test alternative ideas if they think it useful to find out what the best ideas are.
    • the right to make mistakes. We live with the idea that there will be mistakes – actually, we even think making mistakes is a good way to make progress, in line with the “try and fail” method and with Mandela’s saying: “I never lose: I either I win or learn.”
    • the rule of three: if at least three members of the organisation agree that an idea is worth exploring, they are entitled to test it – even when this implies formally committing on behalf of the organisation.
    • duplication: one of the consequences of these rules is that there may be duplicate projects running simultaneously. This can sound sub-optimal but is a principle of agile organisations. Nature works this way… We may be losing time but we gain at least as much in endless discussions that don’t happen.
    • transparency: we believe sharing information with transparency is key in a healthy, sustainable organisation that wishes to treat all members fairly. So we chose our internal tool based on this principle.
    • the board and permanent members of the organisation are here to help and support all members who do things, not to make decisions and direct them to do things.