Online or face-to-face, for a young or enlightened audience, based on the work of the IPCC, the Climate Collage is the reference collaborative workshop for collectively understanding the complexity of climate change.

1. Participate in a workshop

How can you find solutions without understanding the problem? Grasping how climate change works is the challenge of the 21st century!

2. Become a facilitator

No need to be an expert! In 3 hours, online or face-to-face, come and learn how to facilitate to spread this knowledge.

Would you like to organise a workshop?

Companies, local authorities, associations, private individuals, the Climate Collage is accessible to everyone. We organise dedicated workshops and trainings for you. Once the form has been filled in, we will examine the details of your request and offer you tailor-made support.

They trusted us : EDF, City of Paris, L’Oréal, SUEZ, Renault, Carbone 4, The Polytechnic School, ISAE-SUPAERO…

The Workshop

1 – Reasoning

Participants discover the game’s cards, they think together to link the cards with each other and thus highlight the causes and consequences of climate change.

2 – Creativity

After identifying the causes, mechanisms and consequences, the participants trace the links and illustrate the Collage.

3 – Discussion

After this common diagnosis, time for discussion. The aim? To share feelings and reflect on collective solutions, in order to propel action.

COVID-19 – Climate Collage also exists online! 


The Quiz Collage

The Climate Collage is presented on a self-supporting stand, the cards are hidden and the participants guess the causal links with the help of the facilitator. This short format allows a glimpse of the complexity of the issues, but is limited by its duration (20mn).

The Junior Collage (11-15 yo)

Same principle and format as an adult workshop (reflection, creativity, discussion), with simplified cards. There is no workshop adapted to a younger audience.

Can we help?

A question about the workshop, its licence, the cards, our statutes, (…)? Do you wish to contact us? It’s this way!